Online business industry provides extensive opportunities for small online retailers to reach a wider audience. However, not all marketplaces are equally beneficial as only a few provide invaluable resources without creating a dent within your pocket. Selecting the right product and marketplace are equally important factors in establishment of an online store.

A few of the marketplaces that are ideal to businesses versatile needs are listed below.


Being the Godfather of retail business, Amazon offers a user-friendly platform to find potential customers for various product categories. The seller won’t have to pay anything until their listed item sells unless they get it stored with Amazon. To utilize the full potential of Amazon’s platform, it’s important to sell niche, refurbished or hobby products so you aren’t in competition with Amazon’s own listings.


eBay has gained tremendous popularity and trust since their establishment in 1995. Vintage and other rare collectibles do exceedingly well on eBay as sellers earn decent revenue off them. eBay charges 10% of the total sale value of the product as the commission fee. In case you want to list more than 50 products, a minimal fee will be charged on every insertion. eBay’s global shopping program service at competitive rates throughout different countries therefore online stores with an international following can tremendously benefit.


With over 12.3 million products and 87,500 merchants, Etsy is an incredibly huge marketplace to sell products online. With extensive check, out systems including mobile options, Etsy provides flexibility and comfort to the buyer. Etsy charges 3.5% of the total sale price and charges shipping costs on top of that. With each listing, a minimal $0.2 fee is charged by Etsy. Although Etsy undoubtedly provides a huge marketplace for products but the design options for the store front are limited.


If you love customization and would love to design your own shopfront, Shopify is the right place. With over 100 template options, you can create a quality website without spending too much on development. Shopify offers various monthly plans extending from $9 to $179. Shopify has in-built analytics tools that allows merchants to analyze their sales and profits analytically and make rational decisions accordingly. You can also integrate your storefront to other platforms including Facebook and MailChimp.

Before setting up your online store, it’ recommended to read the terms and policies of the marketplace to avoid any inconvenience at a later stage.

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